Living Room Gallery Wall – The First Half

Living Room Gallery Wall – The First Half


Before I even bought my house I always had a dream that I wanted a large gallery wall that took up a big portion of the wall. I love pictures, drawings, antique finds, quotes on canvases, architectural salvage pieces, anything that you could possibly hang, I usually end up purchasing it if I think it’s something that would look good on a gallery wall. When I walked through the house for the first time I knew it was the one that I could see myself in for awhile & ideas had already danced around my mind before I even put an offer in. When I seen this corner of the living room I had already visualized a sectional with a huge gallery wall on the walls behind it. 

I’m the type of person that right when I see something I instantly think of a million different ideas or ways it could be used, so it wasn’t a surprise when I instantly thought of a few pieces I already had that I could see on the wall. It’s a blessing & a curse at times because sometimes decorating is all I can think about even when I need to be thinking about more important things. But decorating is my happy place so it’s hard to turn that decorating switch off sometimes. I’ve collected quite a few pieces since I moved in back in August & hung them up on the first half of the gallery wall as you can see in the photos.

Some pieces have a special meaning to me, some were given to me & some I collected over multiple visits to antique malls, flea markets & antique shows. That seems to be where I get most of my decor while out picking at little antique shops I find here & there or weekly visits at my favorite antique mall because there’s a booth in there that wins my heart over every time. I love finding unique pieces & putting them all together to create something beautiful. I get asked a lot where I get some of the items I have & most of the time they are just vintage finds that I get lucky on finding.

If you’ve noticed by the title of this post, this is the first half of the gallery wall, I wasn’t kidding when I said I visualized a huge gallery wall above my sectional. Instantly after finishing the first half I noticed how much cozier it felt in the living room. I don’t have anything else hanging on the walls as I want the gallery wall to be the main focus in the room. You guys, I started this gallery wall at the beginning of January & just finished the first half a couple of weeks ago. I was so nervous when I started it that I would only hang a few items at a time, get scared I was making a mistake & then stop for a week or so. Sometimes I would just wait until I found a new piece to put up & then I’d get the nerve to hang more up. More times than I can count I went into my antique room to see if I could use anything to hang up. And by antique room, I mean my office but right now it’s storage for my antiques until I finish a few rooms, that’s part of living in a home you are slowly remodeling, rooms become storage until other rooms are finished. Anyways, I’m so happy with the way the first half of the gallery wall turned out & it’s made working on the second part a lot easier as it sort of just flows now. I didn’t want a ton of nails on my walls so I used a lot of command strips because I move stuff around a lot & know I will switch out pieces here & there over time. This corner of the living room took awhile to all come together, between painting the walls, ceiling & trim to finding the right furniture & decor is when I was finally able to start the gallery wall process & all of those nights of staying up late & painting made it worth it. What do you think of the first half of the gallery wall? Be sure to follow along on Instagram & Facebook to see updates & what I’m up to! Thanks for stopping by the blog!

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