Neutral Pumpkin Coffee Table

Neutral Pumpkin Coffee Table

The weekend was so busy around the farm. We’ve been trying to finish up projects that have been put aside for other things we have been working on, so when I say that we are living in a fixer upper right now, I’m not exaggerating. Between floors being ripped up, tools laying around in every room & decor pushed to the side, it’s sometimes overwhelming but I wouldn’t change a thing because I love being able to slowly make this place our home. 

When everything is a mess around the house it’s when I crave simplicity the most & I wanted a centerpiece for the coffee table that was very minimal. About a month ago when it was warmer out, we stripped the paint off of this coffee table because when we got it, it was blue. It took some love but with paint stripping & sanding, we finally got it to the original wood on top & some of the original on the rest of it. We also cut the legs shorter so it was a coffee table height & it works perfectly for this space. I added an antique bucket & threw some white pumpkins in & around it that I picked up at Michaels. I had little spindles that I added in with the garland & there you have it!

I love the warmth of the coffee table & how it brings out the white pumpkins. I usually have even more pillows on the couch because I’m a pillow lover but even on the pillows I wanted to tone it down & have minimal. I love how just changing decor & adding simpler pieces can help with anxiety & being more relaxed when coming home. I’ll be adding some warmer tones to this space soon as we get further into fall & I can’t wait to share what I’m going to do to this space. Thanks so much for stopping by my little blog, you all are the best! Be sure to follow along on Facebook & Instagram to see sneak peeks & what I’m up to on the farm! Let me know what you think of the neutral pumpkin coffee table!

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