New Coffee Table & Cozy Christmas Decor

New Coffee Table & Cozy Christmas Decor

Merry Christmas Eve, friends! I am prepping the house for my friends that are coming over this evening & getting everything cleaned up before they arrive. I’ve had the same group of friends since high school & a few years ago we started getting together on Christmas Eve & it’s been a tradition ever since & one that I look forward to. I get to host it at my house this year & I’m really excited & nervous at the same time, so wish me luck tonight, ha! I’ve been busy making sure every corner of my house is decorated for Christmas, or at least the rooms that are decorated & realized I never showed you guys my new coffee table or the Christmas decor I have in my living room.

I really thought picking out a coffee table for this space was going to be super easy but boy was I wrong. When I moved into my house in August I had an old coffee table that a friend gave to me that I just used for the time being. I originally was going to give it a makeover & got the urge to paint it one day, bad idea. It looked awful & I ended up putting it in the corner of my garage in hopes I will sand it & try to paint it yet again & use it for a different space, we’ll see. Anyways, I didn’t have a coffee table for a couple weeks & I never realized how much I actually used a coffee table until I didn’t have one. I visit an antique store weekly or bi-weekly & wasn’t having any luck & I almost caved in & brought the one I messed up in just to use until I found one that I wanted.

The day that I was going to bring the old one in, I decided to make a quick trip to the antique store & found this green wood cabinet. You read that right, it’s a cabinet that I laid on it’s front & I’m currently using it as a coffee table for Christmas. I wasn’t too big on the green but for the price I couldn’t beat it & I knew I would end up using it for something else. It fits the space perfectly & I think it adds the perfect touch of a muted green for Christmas. I added old books in a wooden box with a handle & added rustic trees with gold that I got from Target to add some shine to this space. I searched for a rusted bucket at an antique store & found the perfect one to put a little tree in. I just love this cozy space & love it even more at night when a candle is burning & the warm glow softens this area. At the same antique store I found the coffee table I also found this wooden table that I’m in love with. I love having another place to be able to decorate & it’s nice to have somewhere else to set stuff other than the coffee table. I really wanted this whole area to feel extra cozy for Christmas with a lot of pillows & cozy blankets. I have plans to give the coffee table a little makeover after Christmas is over so stay tuned for that! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas weekend with your friends & family, I can’t wait to celebrate my favorite holiday! Be sure to follow along on Instagram & Facebook to see updates & what I’m up to!

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