Pumpkin Filled Ladder & New Daybed On The Back Porch

Pumpkin Filled Ladder & New Daybed On The Back Porch

Hey hey friends! It’s been so beautiful out the past couple of weeks that it’s put me in full fall mode & that’s all I have been doing around the farm, I’ve even decorated our garden, so you could say I’m a tad obsessed. 

During the summer I was giving the back porch a makeover but ended up in a different direction than when I originally started the process. We are out on the back porch more than the front porch so I wanted to create a cozy place we could relax after a long day at work. My favorite part about the back porch is that it overlooks the pasture so we can see all the animals. I ended up getting a daybed for the back porch & it might be my favorite thing! It’s so nice to be able to go out there & fully relax & we’ve spent several nights out there reading, it’s been so nice. I wanted something above the daybed as it was a very open space so I used an old white ladder that was in the garage & hung up there. I simply laid a couple boards on the ladder so I was able to set pumpkins on it, pretty simple, right? I just put some pillows on the daybed & a blanket to make this space feel extra cozy. This space has finally started to pull together over the past few weeks & I can’t wait to show you the rest of it, but for now I’ll just leave you with pumpkins!

Sorry for so many pictures but I wanted you guys to get a feel of the coziness & now you’ve seen a little glimpse of my pumpkin obsession! Thanks so much for stopping by my little blog, you guys are the best! Be sure to follow along on Facebook & Instagram to see sneak peeks & what I’m up to on the farm! Let me know what you all think of the new daybed & pumpkin filled ladder!

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