Rustic Eucalyptus Fall Mantel

Rustic Eucalyptus Fall Mantel

I shared a picture on Instagram a couple weeks ago that I didn’t think much of, just another area in the house I wanted to share with you guys that I thought turned out alright, but then I shared it & oh my goodness you guys loved it & the feedback I’ve received from it has been absolutely amazing! You all are so uplifting, encouraging & so sweet, thank you from the bottom of my heart! I’ve been asked so many times where some of the pieces I used are from so I thought I’d share it all here on the blog.

I’ve actually had it styled this way minus the pumpkins & a few other items for awhile but never have fully shared it so here it is now in all it’s pumpkin decor.

Sorry for all the pictures but I wanted you all to get a good feel for this space. I just threw everything together one day & then played around with it every so often to finally get it the way I liked it. I move things around a lot but this space has actually stayed like this for quite some time now & I’m not in any hurry to change it either which is so unlike me. I’ve also been focused on other areas in the house that we are renovating right now so I’ve been spending a lot of my time working in those rooms & haven’t had time to redecorate the mantel for fall, so it will more than likely stay this way until Thanksgiving. To get this look it was pretty simple, I used an antique dough bowl as the main focal point & then stuck fake pumpkins I picked up at Michaels [here] on top of the eucalyptus greenery from Hobby Lobby [here] & [here]. I really wanted the mantel to be simple but make a statement at the same time so I got the idea to drape the eucalyptus sprigs on the edge so they’d hang down & give the look of it pouring over the mantel. Some pieces kept falling off so I used clear thumbtacks & pushed into the wood mantel to make them stay. I also wanted it to feel very cozy as we transition into cooler weather so I used a basket filled with pillows & a blanket to add the extra coziness I was going for. The other side looked pretty bare so I used black candlesticks I got at Hobby Lobby [here] to add a simple touch. I’m loving the rustic feel it brings to the living room & I love working with greenery so it’s an all around win win. What do you think of my rustic eucalyptus mantel? Be sure to follow along on Facebook & Instagram to see what I’ve been up to! Thanks so much for stopping by!

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