Rustic Fall Cubby

Rustic Fall Cubby

The evenings on the farm are getting earlier as we transition into fall & as much as I love fall time, I’m not big on the evenings getting cut short as we love to be out with the animals & spending time outside. We have about three flower gardens on the farm that keep us pretty busy with pulling weeds & next summer our goal is to add a big garden as well as an orchard, it’ll be so nice having our own produce.

In between the animals & pulling weeds I’ve been focusing a lot on the back porch since we are out there most evenings. I shared the new daybed [here] with you guys & wanted to share a quick cubby I styled when I was adding different pieces to the porch. I’m the type of person that will bring out tons of decor & furniture & put it in place & style it before I even decide if I like it there or not. The story with this cubby is simple, it didn’t make the cut so it’s no longer on the back porch, I wish I was kidding you guys but it’ll show up in a different area & I’ll be sure to share that with you guys when the time comes.

I wanted something on the left side of the daybed as I had already put something on the right side that I’ll be sharing about soon. It’s a big back porch & fairly long so it felt bare on the other side of the daybed but once I moved this cubby out there & styled it I just wasn’t feeling it, so there’s the little story of why this cubby didn’t make the cut on the back porch but I promise I have something even better that’s going to go right there!

So there’s the cubby in all it’s fall glory before I took everything off 5 minutes later & put it back in the garage for now. I wanted to keep it pretty simple so I stuck with white, green & dark blue pumpkins I had picked up at Hobby Lobby & Michaels. A lot of the other items were either antique finds or items I’ve had for awhile. I also wanted to add some greens to it since we are still early on the fall decor so I added some faux plants I picked up at Michaels as well. I really loved the look of the cubby styled this way but it felt very crammed on the porch. So now you all have seen my craziness when it comes to finding a perfect piece for a certain area & that regardless if I like it or not it will still get styled. Let me know what you think of the cubby & be sure to follow along on Facebook & Instagram to see what I’ve been up to! Thanks so much for stopping by!

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