Simple Farmhouse Mantel Decor & Rustic Card Catalog

Simple Farmhouse Mantel Decor & Rustic Card Catalog

You guys, once again I haven’t blogged for quite a few months & I’m sorry. I feel like that’s happened way too many times since I’ve started blogging but life gets in the way & I had to put blogging aside for a few months until I felt ready to blog again & to be able to give the attention a blog needs. My blog is my happy place, where I can share my love for interior design & diy projects with you guys & gather inspiration from readers & fellow bloggers. It’s my space that I can be creative & share with you my love for antiques & decorating. This blog really is my happy place & you guys are so awesome & always understand whenever I need to take a break & step away from my blog for a little bit to regroup & I’m so grateful for all of you!

These past few months I have done a lot to my house & have a lot that I’m excited to share on my little blog. I don’t share as much on here as I’d like to because sometimes I don’t think you guys want to see certain things, like messy before photos but I’ve learned that creating a space you love has messy before pictures & that is part of the progress & I want you guys to be with me every step of the way as my farmhouse gets makeovers here & there. I have a few before & afters that I will be sharing with you guys soon, so stay tuned for that. Anyways, I’m done rambling for now because I’ve just been so excited to share my fireplace area with ya’ll & I don’t think I can wait any longer. A few months back I had shared my fireplace makeover [here] with you guys and since then the living room has received a complete makeover other than the floor. Let’s just say that I’ve painted every inch of this room & love the transformation of this room, though my love for painting rooms is another story!


The one thing that I’m getting very excited on changing is the flooring. I’m personally not a fan of carpet, but that might also be the fact that I spilled paint when I was painting the walls & it’s not coming out of the carpet haha. I just love hardwood floors & feel like they make a farmhouse, so hopefully soon I’ll be able to rip up the carpet & put down hardwoods.  I’ve been realizing that these projects I think will get done quickly usually take longer than I plan so I’m waiting for a good time to move everything out of this room to be able to work on the floors. So for now lets just pretend they are pretty hardwood floors you see in the pictures! When I painted the fireplace, I left the mantel untouched but after decorating this space, it pulled more of an orange color, so late one night I impulsively painted it white & I think it calms the look of the fireplace as the mantel before seemed to stick out. I’ve wanted a fireplace mantel to be able to decorate for as long as I can remember & now that I have one I really struggle with decorating it. Ya’ll, I don’t know how many times I put something up & took it right back down until I finally settled on this farmhouse simple decor…for now. I ended up using an old frame that I rescued from someone that was going to burn it & hung a magnolia wreath on it. I found black iron candlesticks at Hobby Lobby that worked well with the black iron pieces on the fireplace & then put a rusted bucket with some greenery on the mantel as well. I also decided to put that big chunky card catalog beside the fireplace & let me just tell you that it is heavy! I scored that lovely piece in all it’s rusted glory for fifteen dollars & I felt like I won the lottery when I walked out of the antique mall with the beauty. It’s so rusted that I’m not able to open the drawers but for the price I got it for, I don’t mind. I’m loving corbels & grab them when I see them so I have them everywhere throughout my house but these are a few of my favorites that are displayed. Basically everything in this space was picked up while out picking for antiques other than a few items & I love having the new & old mixed together. What do you guys think of the painted mantel/decor & card catalog? Be sure to follow along on Instagram & Facebook to see updates & what I’m up to!


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